Agius School of Music & Arts is an AMEB-accredited music education studio based conveniently in the heart of the Hills, Sydney. Agius School of Music and Arts specialises in the teaching of Piano, Guitar & Singing, and it's students have consistently produced top marks in AMEB & Trinity College examinations.The school is open for students of all ages, from children to adults. The school caters for all kinds of music styles including classical, jazz, pop & rock. Agius School of Music & Arts is operated by Charles Agius, who has also produced a range of beginner piano books for children.

For Beginners & the Advanced

BEGINNERS - Do you want to enter the wonderful world of music? At Agius School of Music & Arts, Charles has been teaching for over two decades, and he has great expertise in beginners. Agius School of Music & Arts will take you over the basics of your instrument, and will also give you an introduction of the basics of music, including reading music.

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ADVANCED - Students who have are encouraged to complete the AMEB or Trinity practical exams at the end of each year. These practical examinations are prepared throughout the course of the year. Agius School of Music & Arts are fully accredited by the AMEB & Trinity College Examination Boards.

  • Each year, Agius School of Music & Arts has students obtaining marks at the top 10% of the NSW state.
  • The lessons adhere to all requirements given by these examination bodies, and lessons generally revolve around the preparation for these exams.

For more information regarding exams, see the sites of the following examination bodies:
Trinity College

About Charles Agius

Charles Agius, music teacher, radio broadcaster, music book publisher, and performer, is a highly-accredited teacher & musician, who had recieved musical tuition at the age of five. Charles has many years of experience as a piano, guitar & singing teacher, and has travelled all around the world as a performer and musician.

For more information about Charles, and to know more about his performance services, see the page Charles' Music & Books.