Agius School of Music & Arts offers music lessons to all ages. The school caters for piano, guitar & singing, and the typical lesson has the duration of 30 minutes. All lessons are set in a non-confronational, easy-going, fun & friendly manner. Students can have their lesson in the studio, in easy-of-reach Baulkham Hills, or in the comfort of your own home.


Do you want to enter the wonderful world of music? At Agius School of Music & Arts, Charles has been teaching for over two decades, and he has great expertise in beginners. Agius School of Music & Arts will take you over the basics of your instrument, and will also give you an introduction of the basics of music, including reading music.

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Piano Tuning

Charles offers professional Piano Tuning to anyone located around Sydney. Did you know that you should tune your piano every 12 months at the very least to maintain a good piano, and the lack of tuning may cause damage to it? Charles can come to your location at a suitable time, and charges very reasonable rates. Special rates are available to students of Agius School of Music & Arts.

It is very important to keep a piano properly tuned both for the piano and the person playing the piano. If one practices every day with a piano that is not properly tuned, their ears will adjust to incorrect tones, giving the impression that the piano is in tune when it is actually out of pitch! This is very bad because the ears adjust to these incorrect tones, which can cause many problems down the track, especially for people wishing to do examinations.
Letting your piano go untuned for more than a year places the piano under a lot of stress, especially the soundboard. If a piano is allowed to go untuned for long periods, to then try and bring it up to pitch can cause strings to break, places extra pressure on the tuning pins, and the soundboard, which means that the tuning will have to be done in stages to bring it up to A440 pitch.

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